Episode 30: Talking Instructional Design Competencies with Dr. Bill Sugar

December 15, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Bill Sugar who is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology in the Department of Mathematics, Science, and Instructional Technology Education at East Carolina University.  The interview focuses on a recent book Dr. Sugar wrote titled: Studies of ID Practices: A Review and Synthesis of Research on ID Current Practices.

The interview begins with Dr. Sugar giving a brief overview of his book and how the idea for the book originated. We discuss the idea of common ID competencies. Dr. Sugar discusses this concept along with the process for organizing ID competencies. The interview ends recommendations Dr. Sugar has about ID competencies.

Episode 29: Talking Google Teacher Academy & Augmented Reality with Dr. Tonia Dousay

December 10, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Tonia Dousay. She is an Assistant Professor of the Instructional Technology Program at the University of Wyoming.  The interview focuses on two topics: 1) Dr. Dousay’s recent experience with the Google Teacher Academy that she participated in as part of the Austin, Texas cohort, and 2) Augmented Reality.  You get two topics for the price of one!

We start out the interview with Dr. Dousay describing what the GTA is. She moves on to share her GTA experience and how the experience has helped her professionally. The second-half of the interview focuses on work Dr. Dousay has done with augmented reality. She discusses the benefits and challenges of using AR in the classroom. The interview ends with Dr. Dousay providing advice for educators and instructional designers about using AR in the classroom.

Dr. Dousay mentions an app called Aurasma. You can visit their site at http://www.aurasma.com/ .

To find out more about Dr. Dousay, visit her Web site at http://www.learninginterest.com/ .

You can follow her on Twitter at @tadousay.

Episode 10: Talking Dissertation Research with Dr. Bill Green

January 16, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Bill Green who is the Dean of the Graduate School of the Adventist International Institute for Advanced Studies (http://www.aiias.edu) in Cavite, Philippines. He has many, many years of working with doctoral students throughout the world. He has led numerous efforts to start Ph.D. programs in the United States, Jamaica, and now the Philippines. In the interview, Dr. Green discusses his approach to working with doctoral students through the dissertation process. He ends with some great advice he gives his doctoral students who are starting the dissertation process.

Dr. Green discusses a book in the interview that he suggests doctoral students read as a foundation to understanding the dissertation process and what is expected. You can view information about the book by going to
Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation: A Step-by-Step Guide

Episode 9: Talking Educational App Development with Dr. Ken Luterbach

December 22, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Ken Luterbach who is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at East Carolina University. Dr. Luterbach discusses app development environments and how he guides his graduates students through the process of using this environment to create an educational app. The app development environment Dr. Luterbach describes is LiveCode. Dr. Luterbach ends with advice about getting started with developing apps.

Note: Our video connection feed was not the best. Dr. Luterbach does cut in and out during the video. Sorry about this! The audio quality, however, is great throughout.

To learn more about Dr. Luterbach, visit http://www.kenluterbach.com/

To download a copy of LiveCode mentioned in the video go to http://livecode.com/download/

Here are two citations to articles to check out by Dr. Luterbach.

  • Luterbach, K. J. (2013).  Elegant Instruction.  Journal of Educational Technology Systems. 41 (2), 183-204.
  • Luterbach, K. J. (2013).  Building Software Development Capacity to Advance the State of Educational Technology.  Educational Technology, 53 (2), 21–27

Episode 8: Talking 3D Printing with Dr. Abbie Brown

December 20, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Abbie Brown who is a Professor of Instructional Technology at East Carolina University. Dr. Brown describes the 3D printing process and shows examples of items he has printed. He discusses the use of 3D printing in K-12 schools and how 3D printing can enhance learning and higher order thinking skills.

Visit his Web site at http://www.ahbrown.com/ to learn more about Dr. Brown’s work.

To access his blog on 3D printing visit http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/3dprinting/ .

To view and subscribe to his Flipboard magazine on 3D printing titled Virtual & Real 3D visit http://flip.it/YNsk2 .

Episode 6: Talking Game-based Learning with Dr. Tony Betrus

December 17, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Tony Betrus who is a Professor of Educational Technology at SUNY Potsdam. Dr. Betrus discusses his personal journey with games and games-based learning. He describes the importance of game-based learning in the classroom. Dr. Betrus provides several examples of research he has conducted. He ends with advice about integrating game-based learning into the classroom.

To learn more about the work of Dr. Betrus visit http://www2.potsdam.edu/betrusak/Publications/ He has graciously provided direct links to many of his publications.

Dr. Betrus showed a book published by ISTE that has a chapter in it that he co-wrote. You can view more information about the book at Playing Games in School: Video Games and Simulations for Primary and Secondary Education

You can visit the following link to see a link to a course Dr. Betrus teaches on game-based learning http://www2.potsdam.edu/betrusak/566/IT566Summer2013.html


Episode 7: Talking Change Theory & Innovation Adoption with Dr. Loretta Donovan

December 17, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Loretta Donovan who is a Professor of Educational Technology at California State University Fullerton. Dr. Donovan discusses change theory and how it relates to innovation adoption. She discusses the Concerns Based Adoption Model and how it relates to the change process. Dr. Donovan ends with advice for those who are involved in the change process–specifically those who are in charge of leading the implementation of a new innovation.

To learn more about Dr. Donovan, visit http://ed.fullerton.edu/edel/faculty/dr-loretta-donovan/

She co-directs an online graduate program in Educational Technology. View this site at http://www.fullerton.ed/edtech . It is a 100% online graduate program designed for teachers.

Several books that Dr. Donovan mentioned after the interview that she wanted to pass along to those interested in exploring the topic.

Implementing Change: Patterns, Principles, and Potholes (3rd Edition)

Making Change: Creating 21st Century Teaching and Learning Environments

The New Meaning of Educational Change, Fourth Edition

Diffusion of Innovations, 5th Edition

Episode 5: Talking Game-based Learning with Dr. Jake Enfield

December 16, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jake Enfield who is an Assistant Professor of Multimedia at California State University Northridge. Dr. Enfield discusses game-based learning in the classroom. He discusses the importance of using game-based learning. Dr. Enfield ends with advice about how to integrate digital game-based learning in the classroom.

You can view the algebra game Dr. Enfiled discussed in the video. Visit  http://www.jacobenfield.com/algebra

Visit his Web site at: http://www.ctva.csun.edu/OverviewBios/Enfield.html

Episode 4: Talking Mobile Learning with Dr. Florence Martin

December 12, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Florence Martin who is an Associate Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Dr. Martin provides a great discussion on mobile learning. She describes here and now mobile learning and how this is related to situated learning. Dr. Martin ends by providing great advice about designing instruction for mobile devices.

Visit her Web site at http://www.florencemartin.net/
To access her research, visit http://people.uncw.edu/martinf/site2009/publications.html

Episode 3: Talking Social Presence with Dr. Patrick Lowenthal

Episode 3: December 9, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Patrick Lowenthal who is an assistant professor of Educational Technology at Boise State University. Dr. Lowenthal discusses his about research on social presence in online teaching and learning. He provides an excellent description of what social presence entails and how it can be a “messy” construct. Dr. Lowenthal provides guidance about why social presence is important for online teaching and learning.

Visit his Web site at http://patricklowenthal.com/
He can be found on Twitter @plowenthal

Additionally, here are direct links to various resources Dr. Lowenthal discussed.

Social Presence

The Evolution and Influence of Social Presence Theory on Online Learning

The power of presence: Our quest for the right mix of social presence in online courses

Problems Measuring Social Presence in a Community of Inquiry

Tweeting the Night Away: Using Twitter to Enhance Social Presence

Defeating the Kobayashi Maru: Supporting Student Retention by Balancing the Needs of the Many and the One

Dr. Lowenthal’s work Web site can be found at http://edtech.boisestate.edu/patrick-lowenthal/