Episode 28: Talking Quest-Based Learning with Dr. Chris Haskell

November 21, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Chris Haskell. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor at Boise State University in the Department of Educational Technology. Dr. Haskell is an expert in game-based learning.  Dr. Haskell is one of the developers of 3D Game Lab (http://3dgamelab.org/): “a gamified content creation and student tracking platform where teachers can design and share quests and badges to create personalized learning for their student.”

The focus of the interview is on quest-based learning. Dr. Haskell describes what quest-based learning is. He discusses how quest-based learning can be implemented in K-12 and in higher education. Dr. Haskell talks about what quest-based learning can do for teaching and learning. The interview ends with Dr. Haskell providing advice for educators and instructional designers about the implementation of quest-based learning.

For more information about quest-based learning and blowing up the grade book (I highly recommend both videos), visit the follow resources:

  • Blowing up the grade book: An Ignite11 Portland Presentation

You can also read more about Dr. Haskell by visiting http://www.drchrishaskell.com/ 

Episode 6: Talking Game-based Learning with Dr. Tony Betrus

December 17, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Tony Betrus who is a Professor of Educational Technology at SUNY Potsdam. Dr. Betrus discusses his personal journey with games and games-based learning. He describes the importance of game-based learning in the classroom. Dr. Betrus provides several examples of research he has conducted. He ends with advice about integrating game-based learning into the classroom.

To learn more about the work of Dr. Betrus visit http://www2.potsdam.edu/betrusak/Publications/ He has graciously provided direct links to many of his publications.

Dr. Betrus showed a book published by ISTE that has a chapter in it that he co-wrote. You can view more information about the book at Playing Games in School: Video Games and Simulations for Primary and Secondary Education

You can visit the following link to see a link to a course Dr. Betrus teaches on game-based learning http://www2.potsdam.edu/betrusak/566/IT566Summer2013.html


Episode 5: Talking Game-based Learning with Dr. Jake Enfield

December 16, 2013

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jake Enfield who is an Assistant Professor of Multimedia at California State University Northridge. Dr. Enfield discusses game-based learning in the classroom. He discusses the importance of using game-based learning. Dr. Enfield ends with advice about how to integrate digital game-based learning in the classroom.

You can view the algebra game Dr. Enfiled discussed in the video. Visit  http://www.jacobenfield.com/algebra

Visit his Web site at: http://www.ctva.csun.edu/OverviewBios/Enfield.html