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Picture of Dr. Tim Green.Who am I?

I am a former K12 teacher who has been a professor of educational technology and teacher educator at California State University, Fullerton since 1999. Five of these years I served as the Director of Distance Education at CSUF. I am the author of numerous articles and books, as well as a presenter, on the integration of educational technology, instructional design, and online distance education. My latest books include Security vs. Access: Balancing Safety and Productivity in the Digital School (Robinson, Brown & Green, ISTE), The Essentials of Instructional Design: Connecting Fundamental Principles with Process and Practice  (Brown & Green, Pearson), and Making Change: Creating a 21st Century Teaching and Learning Environment (Shell Education). I am passionate about working with schools and districts on visioning and implementing technology initiatives. I regularly consult with and provide professional development to schools and districts. I received my PhD in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University.

Why am I the Ed Tech Matchmaker?

My wife, who is an academic coach in educational technology for the school district she has worked for the past 15 years, is responsible for giving me this title during an educational technology professional development conference I organized and facilitated last year. She has a gift for being able to create these titles. So, during a presentation she was making at the conference on a collaborative project she helped facilitated during the past school year, she shared how the project started. She relayed how I had suggested to her that she should find a teacher in her district who was willing to use Skype and Evernote to have his or her students collaborate with another group of students from a different school in our district. She went on to say that I have a knack for being able to help connect the right people together to collaborate, share, and learn through the use of technology. She also said that you should turn around and run the other way if you ever hear me start out a sentence by saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could…”

So…in the spirit of being the ed tech matchmaker, I decided to share the interviews I am conducting with experts in the field of educational technology, instructional design, and learning sciences. The idea behind the interviews started three years ago when I moved to teaching completely online. During my first year of teaching 100% online I had guest “speakers” in several of the courses. The guest speakers did a fantastic job…but…issues with scheduling and dealing with the technology trumped having the guest speakers my class. I thought about how I could capture having guest speakers in my courses while at the same time making it as painless as possible for the speaker and for me. When Google Hangouts on Air came arrived, I had my solution!  So here I am with this Web site, and my goal is simple: I want to do a little bit of matchmaking (I’m learning to embrace this title!) by sharing the expertise of others who I have interviewed (along with other resources) with those who are interested. Feel free to use them in your courses. Feel free to share the interviews with others. I only ask that you give attribution where attribution is due. And…keep in mind that I am not attempting to create cinematography magic with these videos (Steven Spielberg I am not)…I am interested in capturing the thoughts and ideas of the experts I interview.

One last thing, I will continue to conduct and share interviews until I run out of experts who are willing to let me interview them. If you have someone in the field of instructional design, educational technology, or and learning sciences that you recommend I interview, please go over to the Contact Me page and drop me a line. I would appreciate it.

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