Episode 20: Talking TPACK with Dr. Punya Mishra

Episode 20: March 12, 2014


In this episode, I interview Dr. Punya Mishra. He is a professor at Michigan State University in the  Educational Psychology and Educational Technology Program (http://edutech.msu.edu/).  Dr. Mishra also directs the MA in Educational Technology program.

In the interview, Dr. Mishra discusses the TPACK Model that he and Dr. Matthew Koelher developed. He begins the interview with an overview of the model. Dr. Mishra discusses how the model can shape educational technology integration in teacher education, K-12, and in professional development. He talks about where he sees the future development of TPACK going. The interview ends with advice he has regarding the implementation of the TPACK model in teaching and learning.

To read more about the work of Dr. Mishra, visit his Web site at http://punyamishra.com/

Dr. Mishra mentioned a great resource regarding TPACK. Visit this resource at http://www.tpack.org/