Episode 19: Talking Quality of Distance Education Courses and Programs with Dr. Ross Perkins

Episode 19: March 11, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Ross Perkins from Boise State University. He is an associate professor in the Department of Educational Technology (http://edtech.boisestate.edu/). Dr. Perkins discusses his work with examining the quality of distance education courses and programs. In the interview, he describes how he and his colleagues examined the standards regarding the quality of distance education from 17 international and US based education accreditation agencies . Dr. Perkins described  five major commonalities that the agencies shared regarding what constitutes quality distance education. The interview ends with advice he has for instructional designers who do work in distance education course and program design and development.

To view the paper Dr. Perkins interview focuses on, visit http://www.uwex.edu/disted/conference/Resource_library/proceedings/46776_2011.pdf

You can view other work from Dr. Perkins by visiting http://works.bepress.com/ross_perkins/