Episode 18: Talking Heuristics and Web-based Instructional Design with Dr. Herb Fiester

Episode 18: March 6, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Herb Fiester who is an assistant professor at Valdosta State University (http://www.valdosta.edu) in the Curriculum, Leadership, and Technology Department. Dr. Fiester shares his research on heuristics: specifically how experienced instructional designers use heuristics to create Web-based instruction. Dr. Fiester begins the interview by providing a definition of what a heuristic is. Dr. Fiester also describes the Web-based instructional design theory that was created as a result of examining the heuristic task analysis he conducted during his research. He provides some excellent insights into how heuristics are developed and used.

The title of Dr. Fiester’s dissertation is Using Heuristic Task Analysis to Create Web-based Instructional Design Theory.