Episode 14: Talking STEM Education and the 2nd Level Digital Divide with Dr. Julie Reinhart

Episode 14: February 27, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. Julie Reinhart an associate professor of educational technology and the Director of the STEM Education Center in the School of Education at St. Xavier University (http://sxu.edu/academics/colleges_schools/soe/). Dr. Reinhart discusses STEM Education and the challenges associate with STEM education in K-12. She describes the professional development that the STEM Education Center at St. Xavier University provides teachers in the Chicago area. The interview ends with a discussion a research study Dr. Reinhart conducted (with two colleagues) on the 2nd level digital divide. Dr. Reinhart provides advice how we can approach dealing with this issue.

The citation for this article is:
Reinhart, J., Thomas, E., and Toriskie, J.M. (2011). K-12 Teachers: Technology Use and the Second Level Digital Divide. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 38(4), 181-193.

Dr. Reinhart described “STEM in a Box” that the STEM Education Center loans to teachers.

STEM in a box








You can find out more about Dr. Reinhart by visiting http://sxu.edu/academics/colleges_schools/soe/faculty/julie_reinhart.asp