Episode 13: Talking Educational Podcasting with Dr. John Curry

Episode 13: February 26, 2014

In this episode, I interview Dr. John Curry an assistant professor in the Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education (http://www.moreheadstate.edu/fgse/). He also directs the Educational Technology graduate program within this Department. Dr. Curry discusses podcasting and how he uses this tool in his online courses. Dr. Curry provides advice regarding the development and use of podcasting for educational purposes.

You can check out Dr. Curry’s chapter on podcasting coming out soon. Here is the citation.

Curry, J.H. (Accepted for publication). Podcasting in education: Practices and precautions. To be published in A. Hirumi (Ed.), Designing alternative environments to facilitate e-Learning: A
systematic approach. ISTE.

Dr. Curry mentioned that the two tools he uses for developing podcasts are Garageband (https://www.apple.com/mac/garageband/) and Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/).

You can find out more about Dr. Curry by visiting http://dctrcurry.com/ and http://www.moreheadstate.edu/content_template.aspx?id=8429

You can follow Dr. Curry on Twitter – @dctrcurry (http://twitter.com/dctrcurry)